By the planning and manufacture of vdb watches, the highest value is set on natural materials, environmental compatibility, and the conservation of resources. That is why we only use ecologically certified materials and are developing our business communication to become totally digital.
These three letters stand for an exceptional watch brand, which speaks to those who love watches outside of the mainstream. V is for vintage – here meant as view back to rock solid handwork and design, orientated on the best watches for pilots and divers. D and B stand for daily and beater. Together, the three stand for the daily and loyal companion for the wearer.
VDB is made in Germany. These historic watches are made in Erfurt, where handmade means true production by hand. This means that all components of the watch, with the exception of the movement, are made solely by hand. This includes the housing, hands, face, armband and even the clasp.
Naturally, only the very best: Steel, bronze, Damascus steel, tantalum, carbon, and ceramic. Many large watch manufacturers don’t trust themselves to use many of these premium materials. vdb is also innovative in the use of materials: Especially bronze. A special alloy is used here, which is also used in Formula 1, and very few master this technology. One understands his handcraft in Thuringia!
We ask for your understanding in that we cannot refund deposits or cancel orders. Once an order is received, we immediately begin with the processing. With an order cancellation, we would be left carrying already accumulated costs. Thank you for your understanding. If you are unhappy, or there is something wrong with the product, we will happily issue you with a voucher or, upon having spoken with us, arrange for a replacement piece. Should this be the case, please contact us under